NCAEE Classroom Innovation Grant

Last Updated on Wednesday, 19 August 2015 08:34

Learn how to apply for a $1,000 Classroom Innovation Grant!The North Carolina Association of Elementary Educators (NCAEE) is pleased to award one $1,000 Classroom Innovation Grant to an educator who will apply creative instructional strategies in his/her classroom. All current NCAEE educators are eligible for this award, which would include anyone who has already registered and paid for the 2015 conference. The grant funding needs to be sustainable; hence, the materials requested in the budget must be reusable for additional classes of students.

The recipient of this award will be required to present his/her project at the next year’s annual NCAEE conference. NCAEE will cover all hotel and conference registration fees for the presentation year. Additionally, the recipient will develop a blog post about the grant and its learning outcomes to be featured on the NCAEE blog. The application deadline is Wednesday, September 30, 2015.

You may obtain your form by clicking here: NCAEE Classroom Innovation Grant application instructions Opens PDF form in a new window. Follow the instructions to create your unique application and submit by mail..


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